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Our Services

Mi Llamada

Pin-less international calling service. Features our patented "Call with 1 Click" service. (US PATENT 8,532,274)

Mi Llamada

Real-time recharges to pre-paid cell phones worldwide.

Mi Llamada

Real-time recharges and PIN-based recharges to pre-paid cell phones nation wide.

Mi Llamada

Mobile marketing service for agents to advertise their business.

Mi Llamada

Airline tickets can be bought to any destination and from any originating city.


Mi cartera

AmeriMex has developed a mobile application especially for your business that gives your customers the ability to shop directly from your store on the go!

How it works?

The customer

  1. Downloads the app using the App Store or the Play Store
  2. Mi cartera Mi cartera
    Mi cartera
  3. Stops by your business
  4. Makes a cash deposit to their MiCartera™ account

Now they are ready to take advantage of all of the benefits MiCartera™ has to offer.

Customer Benefits

Anytime…anywhere...your customer can:

  • Recharge their Mi Llamada account.
  • Send international recharges to pre-paid cell phones.
  • Be informed of the daily international recharge promotions.
  • Know the daily Exchange Rate in their country.

Benefits Agent MiCartera™

Your business will have an app of its own! AmeriMex values the support and success of your business as one of our agents. MiCartera™ allows us to be a key part in your business' success by extending your business reach to the mobile app industry.

Sales 24 hours a day! Your MiCartera™ store will never close and sales will continue after regular business hours.

Increase loyal customers! Customers who deposit to MiCartera™ at your location are tied to your business.

Keep the commission! Your existing commission will not change; receive the same commission from the Agent Portal.

An increased sales volume, MiCartera™ extends your business to a higher volume of customers 24 hours a day.

Be one of our agents send us an e-mail to newagent@amerimex.com

Benefits Agent Mi Llamada

  • No physical Inventory.
  • No loses associated with pilfering.
  • Easy to manage online reporting.
  • Steady income from a loyal customer base.
  • Free POS material for your business.
  • Free mobile marketing for your business.


Our Customer Service department provides the necessary support to our users and agent to complete their desired calls and to operate effectively.

Customer Service

Our company holds serving our customers as our number one priority. We offer support 9am-12pm EST Monday through Sunday. 1-800-801-9080.

Training and Supervision

Our personnel is always ready to guide our agents through our agent portal training in a secure and professional manner.

Marketing Material

We offer an ample variety of free point of purchase material to advertise MI LLAMADA in your business to maintain a constant brand presence with our customers. We also offer mobile marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments throughout the year with MI LLAMADA promotions and special sales.